Casa Silva launch boutique wines from Lake Ranco, the southernmost vineyards in Chile.

The journalists’ plane landed at 4am, carrying Patricio Tapia, Mariana Martinez, Ana María Barahona, Carola Silva, Eduardo Alejandro Jimenez and Eduardo Moraga Bretahuer, all ready to experience Lake Ranco. Once the journalists were settled in, Managing Director Mario Pablo and winemakers, Mario Geisse and José Ignacio Maturana, gave them a tour of the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling vineyards.


Mario Pablo Silva said, "In 2006 our continual quest for innovation led us to decide to plant vineyards in this wonderful place and we became the first Chilean winery to produce wines from vineyards with a DOC from this remote part of the Southern Chile." "This wine is a tribute to our father, Mario Silva, whose heart belonged to the Colchagua. This, plus the characteristics and ability of the site to produce different and unique Chilean wine, encouraged us to undertake the adventure of producing wines in this corner of Patagonia."


After the tour of the vineyard, Mario Pablo Silva had a big surprise awaiting the journalists on the barbecue. The bottles which gave life to this new project were hidden inside boxes made from the traditional raulí trees of Chile. The first wines to be produced were Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. The warm spring afternoon offered the perfect setting to taste the two wines, which was followed by a delicious southern lamb and more wines from the Casa Silva range.

The Sauvignon Blanc stands out for its straw yellow with green, crystalline tones. On the nose it is elegant and expressive with notes of lime, pear and green pepper, interspersed with an intense freshness. On the palate it is rich and elegant with a lingering acidity, mineral notes and a pleasing fruitiness that completely fills the mouth.


The Pinot Noir has a bright pale pink colour. On the nose, notes of wild strawberries and sour cherry, with soft notes of cinnamon and candied orange peel. Red fruit on the palate is balanced by soft acidity and round tannins. It is a wine whichis true to its origin and a real palate cleanser.


The perfect accompaniments for these wines are: oysters, sea urchins, ‘ceviche’ – a traditional seafood dish made from fresh raw fish and cheese. These dishes perfectly accompany these unique wines and their southern style. After the excellent response to the wines, social networks began to explode; Lago Ranco was already complete success.