Casa Silva launch boutique wines from Lake Ranco, the southernmost vineyards in Chile.

On November 21, the Casa Silva team and a group of specialised wine journalist’s travelled 904km from Santiago to be the first to taste the boutique wines from Lake Ranco, which lies at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

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Casa Silva is officially certified as Energy Efficient

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Wine Lovers Club magazine titles Casa Silva Cool Coast as Best Sauvignon Blanc.

On Thursday 5th December Wine Lovers Club magazine, ‘LA CAV’, released a list of their top wines, chosen by a renowned judging panel after they completed a series of intense tastings throughout 2013. The judging panel included Marcelo Pino (Best Sommelier of Chile 2011), Ana María Barahona (Director of LA CAV magazine), Sergio Correa (Winemaker, consultant and international judge) and Ricardo Grellet (Best Sommelier of Chile 2008).From a list of 1200 wines, the judges awardeda... Ver [+]